Top Window Shutters

Tips for Choosing the Right Shutters for Your Home


Window shutters can significantly transform the look of your house without you having to spend big on a major remodeling job. Choosing the best shutters can enhance the general charm of your house, while the wrong shutters can diminish its overall appearance. Here are some tips on selecting the best shutters for your windows.




Ensure that your shutters from The Shutter Shop match your home's style. Check out the houses in your home area to choose the best window shutters for your house, but make sure they don't change its architectural style. Here are some common shutter options: board and batten, raised panel, louvered solid panel, and Bermuda.




Your shutters should be properly sized to cover your windows when shut and look as if they might be used even if they don't open. Additionally, the shutters should be a perfect fit for windows, which means that the rails need to go with lock rail, transom, muntin, or other architectural aspects of your windows. There are several cases where shutters are fitted upside down, which might be due to a poor reinstall after painting or maintenance.




When looking for window shutters from the shutter shop | window shutters, you may be spoilt for choice as shutters can be made from several kinds of woods and materials, such as African mahogany, cedar and cypress, pultruded fiberglass, composite, and PVC materials. These decorative fittings can help you get an authentic appearance, while several coats of paint may give old window shutters a unique character.




When choosing colors of shutters, first find out if your home has a traditional or contemporary look. If your home has a traditional style, your best option would be classic white or black shutters. But if your home has a modern look, bright red, vibrant blue or other bolder colors are a fantastic option. Unless you're thinking of making some drastic improvements to your home's exterior, you'll want window shutters that will perfectly blend with your existing brick, paint, or rock siding.


Next, consider your window trim colors and select a shutter that will compliment the trim rather than match it. Check out the homes in your area and pick a color that's prevalent in your neighborhood especially if you plan to sell your house in the future. Choose a few colors of shutters and a few pictures of the outside of your home and go to the paint store. This way, it will be easier to find paint chips that go with your chosen colors.